Computer Networks Histories

Emerging Streams from the Internet Past

Geschichte und Informatik – Histoire et Informatique (ISSN 1420-5955), Band 21
Erscheint im August 2019. ca. 120 Seiten, ca. 5 Abbildungen s/w.
ISBN 978-3-0340-1539-4
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Gabriele Balbi, Paolo Bory, Gianluigi Negro: Computer networks histories: what, why, where, who and when
Kevin Driscoll: Thou shalt love thy BBS: Distributed experimentation in community moderation
Benedetta Campanile, Robert Fano: An Italian computer scientist from Project Mac to the Internet
Félix Tréguer, Dominique Trudel: From Internet access provision to digital rights activism: The history of the French data network
Christian Henrich-Franke: Computer networks on copper cables: From the ‘promises to the public’ to the ‘profits of the providers’
Sophie Toupin: Revolutionary communication and the South African National Liberation movement
Marcelo Savio Carvalho, Henrique Luiz Cukierman: The dawn of the Internet in Brazil
Benjamin Peters, Hu Yong: A conversation on network histories