Computer Networks Histories

Emerging Streams from the Internet Past

Geschichte und Informatik – Histoire et Informatique (ISSN 1420-5955), Band 21
Erscheint im Dezember 2019. ca. 120 Seiten, ca. 5 Abbildungen s/w.
ISBN 978-3-0340-1539-4
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Gabriele Balbi, Paolo Bory, Gianluigi Negro: Computer networks histories: what, why, where, who and when
Kevin Driscoll: Thou shalt love thy BBS: Distributed experimentation in community moderation
Benedetta Campanile, Robert Fano: An Italian computer scientist from Project Mac to the Internet
Félix Tréguer, Dominique Trudel: From Internet access provision to digital rights activism: The history of the French data network
Christian Henrich-Franke: Computer networks on copper cables: From the ‘promises to the public’ to the ‘profits of the providers’
Sophie Toupin: Revolutionary communication and the South African National Liberation movement
Marcelo Savio Carvalho, Henrique Luiz Cukierman: The dawn of the Internet in Brazil
Benjamin Peters, Hu Yong: A conversation on network histories

is a Sino Swiss Science and Technology Visiting Scholar at the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University, Post-Doctoral Researcher Fellow and Assistant Editor at the China Media Observatory (CMO) at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI). He is author of The Internet in China (Palgrave, 2017) and member of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (Giga-Net).

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