Claudia Emmenegger, Olivier Senn (Hg.)

Five perspectives on “Body and Soul”

and other contributions to music performance studies

Eine Publikation der Musikhochschule Luzern
2011. 200 S., 84 Abb. Br. CHF 38.00 / EUR 31.00
ISBN 978-3-0340-1048-1

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This volume presents the papers of the “International conference on music performance analysis” held in Lucerne, Switzerland, on July 1 and 2, 2009. The first part of the book, entitled “Five perspectives on ‘Body and Soul’”, focuses on recorded versions of Johnny Green’s iconic jazz standard “Body and Soul” by shedding light on the performance history of the tune. It contains papers by José Antonio Bowen, Martin Pfleiderer, Cynthia Folio / Alexander Brinkman, John Gunther, and Olivier Senn. The second part, entitled “Methods of music performance analysis”, addresses methodological issues for the analysis of performed music. The papers of Marc-Antoine Camp et al., Elena Alessandri, Matthias Arter, Richard Turner, Jürg Huber, and Claudia di Luzio discuss a variety of approaches and present Music Performance Studies as a thoroughly interdisciplinary field.